2022 Spring Campaign Appeal
Fundraising Goal $30,000

Dear Friends and Community, 


During this year's annual Spring Campaign as warmer weather approaches some of us look forward to the months ahead with eager anticipation. Others, who are our neighbors, are struggling to make ends meet, may be homeless or may be trying to “hold it all together” for themselves and their families.


You and I can’t tell what someone else’s pain, suffering, fears and discouragement are simply by looking at them. We have to “see” them.  Jump “sees” and understands and works with them to achieve economic independence and healthier well-being. Today, as life is so uncertain, it is more uncertain for some more than others. Our volunteers are the heart and soul of JUMP. They are in touch with each person who asks for our help. They listen, empathize, and then act to provide our help.


A JUMP Volunteer shared, “Richard has a room in a rooming house but no phone. He and Mary communicate through snail mail. He is grateful for us (JUMP) and for his housing after living in a tent for 15 years.”


The number of people served at JUMP increases each year, indicating that more and more people are in need, are learning about the good work of JUMP and are seeking our solace and solutions.


As our beloved and devoted late president of the Board of Directors of JUMP, Beth Dreibelbis, stated in 2014.


“Your support has kept the doors to our drop-in center open and provided vouchers for transportation, utilities, food, clothing, household goods, and laundry to our neighbors who need those most.”


Please help JUMP reach our annual Spring Campaign fundraiser goal of $30,000, so we can continue to support families in need. Donate to the annual Spring Campaign TODAY!  Or mail a check to: JUMP, PO Box 1657, Burlington, VT 05402.  JUMP “sees” and understands


With hope for better tomorrows,


Katharine Stockman; President Board of Directors                  Wanda Hines; Director

Let us make 2022 a success for our largest annual Spring Campaign fundraiser during April and May. 

This year, JUMP is reaching for a fundraising goal of $30,000.