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In 2017, JUMP will continue to explore community initiative’s which support shared effort and resources to reach out and meet families where they are at.

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“Transportation…a significant barrier”

Founded in 1988, families and individuals from Chittenden County and beyond continue to visit JUMP in need of everyday valued resources ranging from transportation, food/groceries, clothing, utilities, laundry, ID’s, prescription co-pay, personal hygiene and cleaning items. These are items many cannot purchased using the 3SquaresVT, Vermont's food stamp card.


Staff and volunteers along with front-line community partners provide various levels of support to clients with a broad range of needs, including those: recovering from drug addiction, re-entering society from prison, experiencing homelessness, facing sudden large medical expenses on a tight budget, joblessness, disability, entering American society for the first time as refugees, escaping abuse and painfully more.


Our goal is to remain an accessible dependable resource for economically disadvantaged neighbors in need as well as provide immediate solutions in the form of voucher assistance, comfort, empathy and thoughtfulness. A more pressing informed goal will be to increase access to reliable transportation to help neighbors maintain employment and eliminate multiple hardships


Thus, coming soon JUMP will launch a new initiative called the Gas Card Project (GCP).  The GCP is informed by what JUMP does well, what essential help we provide that other local non-profits do not: Gas voucher assistance for transportation.


JUMP alone in 2016 distributed over $24,000 in Gas Card Vouchers to families in need; a service no other local non-profit provides.


Last year, JUMP distributed 5426 in vouchers valued at $88,788. Categories included: Transportation, Household Goods, Food, Utilities, Laundry, Finance and Medication Co-pay.


Supportive of Client efforts to move toward increase mobility and economic relief, Transportation equated $29,768; 34% of JUMP vouchers assistance.  42% of all JUMP households/families requested transportation vouchers for gas.


Vital, Gas Card Vouchers are especially helpful when one considers the discrepancy between where clients live and where the jobs and other services offered to them are located. Without gas to get to an inter-view, a doctor’s appointment, school or the grocery store, life can be exceedingly challenging.


Ideally, we hope to serve as the sole administrator of the Gas Card Voucher Project once the benefits and risk to community partners are identified and addressed.

Until till then, we will soldier on “doing more with less” ensuring our neighbors essential transportation needs are met to help eliminate hardship and embrace a healthier tomorrow!

...Wanda Hines; Director

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New RUN Race Coordinator...off and running!
Jocelyn Stevens is a fun dynamic energy who is joining our Run for Jump Team as Race Coordinator.  Jocelyn grew up serving the community in various different groups and events from a young age to her present day! High School she was awarded a scholarship for the amount of community service hours she donated, also her work within Elementary schools in the Old North End during her college years.  Along with serving as a board member for various diversity boards throughout her life, she has always been drawn to work within the community and to learn something new! She has served 13 years a CT Technologist within the Emergency Room here at UVMMC, as she would like to call it. She has successfully retired from healthcare and is now actively building her own business; Gently Lead Pups. Her drive and sincere passion for Community is morphing into helping clients to create positive bonds and relationships with their canine family members.  

Jocelyn has a passion for running and is currently working to get back into racing she is excited to be able to apart of our team!  She has successfully organized and put on many different community events.  You can often catch her being the Captain and the voice on the Mic for the 802 Disc Dog Club here in Burlington, or helping out Chase Away Canine Cancer 5k! She is forward leader and is excited to build a strong fun team to help with making our race safe and successful!  

Wanda Hines; JUMP Director announced, “Jocelyn brings a diverse range of community engagement and sound direction to effectively organize and manage our 20th Annual RUN For JUMP event.  She is a tremendous asset, we are lucky to have her.” 

SCHIP Awards JUMP Grant

Late June, JUMP received a SCHIP $1,300 grant to help provide reliable voucher assistance to neighbors in need.  Founded in 2003 by local faith communities, SCHIP stands for Shelburne Charlotte Hinesburg Interfaith Projects.

Throughout the years, SCHIP has remained a strong advocate of community volunteering and support to provide donated goods to the SCHIP Treasure Shop. Their unwavering faith and commitment have helped raise grant funds to assist our most vulnerable neighbors.

Wanda Hines, JUMP Director shared,“We are very grateful be a recipient of SCHIP grant and heartfelt efforts. Clearly, a gift which keeps on giving as the grant will also help JUMP leverage additional funding to better support the transportation needs of low income neighbors.” 

Seeking a higher quality of life, 42% of all JUMP client’s request gas vouchers; a solely unique service provided by JUMP.

Ms. Hines added, “Without the resources to purchase gas to get to employment and job interviews, a doctor’s appointment, school or the grocery store, life can be exceedingly challenging and manifest into multiple hardships.”

Ron Pynn, JUMP President kindly stated, “Thank you SCHIP Board of Directors for helping community neighbors regain dignity.”

To learn more about SCHIP's amazing community work and giving, please click here:  SCHIP