"Responding to the need that is out there"
PO Box 1657, Burlington, VT 05402
Ph# 802 862-4501


JUMP’s mission is “To promote the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of people by providing compassionate care, direct assistance to meet basic needs, and advocacy”.  



Founded initially by five downtown Burlington faith communities more than 30 years ago and now supported by 28 faith communities, JUMP has been a resource for our economically disadvantaged neighbors in search of basic human needs and opportunities to increase self-sufficiency and quality of life.  JUMP’s services are provided with compassion and without discrimination or judgement, to all ages, including to the unemployed, under-employed, homeless, families experiencing food insecurity, victims of domestic abuse, the formerly incarcerated, those living with physical or mental disabilities, those living in recovery from or presently suffering with substance abuse and those living paycheck to paycheck.  JUMP assists in meeting the immediate needs of our vulnerable neighbors by providing vouchers for food, clothing, personal care and cleaning items and essential household goods.  Assistance with utility bills is also available and not only helps to keep people warm and with power to their homes but assists in timely paying of bills and maintaining their credit rating and self-sufficiency. JUMP also provides gasoline vouchers to facilitate people finding and traveling to work or to school. 

Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic

JUMP operated a Drop-In Center in Burlington, providing clients with vouchers for basic needs.  In 2019 JUMP distributed via the Drop-In Center, 5846 vouchers to 5043 people valued at $102,735 which included $31,623 in vouchers for groceries, $30,452 vouchers for gas/bus passes/bicycles for transportation, $30,096 in thrift store vouchers for clothing and household essentials, $5,656 to assist with utilities and $2,325 to assist in securing IDs to help people become more independent, $1,645 to assist with laundry, $850 to open a savings account, and $88 for prescription co-pays.

In March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic prevented in-person visits to the Drop-In Center, JUMP quickly changed direction to be able to continue to meet the needs of our vulnerable neighbors with the development of the FLEX Assistance Program.  Vouchers used for groceries, utilities, clothing, gasoline, personal care and cleaning supplies and household items can now be accessed remotely via an online application, a mail in application or by calling JUMP and the application can be completed by phone.

The pandemic presented JUMP with a new opportunity to develop a program to help us reach as many people as possible who are in need in the community.  The Quarterly Care Call Program was started with staff and volunteers are being trained now to call individuals every 3 months who are known to JUMP and live alone or are homebound.  The calls not only provide a human connection and compassionate point of contact to support the individual’s well-being but can also proactively identify where food or other needs may exist and obtain vouchers for them via the FLEX Assistance Program. This is also giving our volunteers who had previously worked at the Drop-In Center, a chance to continue to interact with people and make a difference in their lives. 

THE GIFT OF SPACE & FUNDS —First Congregational Church UCC of Burlington provides foundational support for JUMP. Since 1990, the church has donated the space for our JUMP Drop-In Center, Offices and parking for volunteers, staff and JUMP clients. Our close, positive relationship helps keep JUMP fulfilling our vital mission throughout the year. We are grateful for the tremendous support we receive from the First Congregational Church UCC of Burlington.