"Responding to the need that is out there"


JUMP continues to provide annually more than $110,000 in the form of vouchers to nearly 2500 below poverty households representing over 5500 people. Individuals and families can apply for vouchers every 3 months. 

This assistance provides individuals with food as well as helped them to keep power on, while maintaining their credit rating and independence. Transportation assistance to help individuals become more self-reliant by finding and maintaining employment, as well to get to school and to increase skills and employment opportunities, and to get to childcare and medical care. Thrift shop vouchers help provide needed clothing or essential household items.  

Here is how JUMP responds to the need: Prior to the Covid pandemic JUMP operated a Drop-In Center in Burlington where vouchers were provided on a first come/first served basis for groceries, including cleaning supplies and personal care items, utility assistance, gasoline, and thrift shops for clothing and essential household items.  In March 2020 when in-person visits were prevented, JUMP quickly changed direction to be able to continue to meet the needs of the community through the new FLEX Assistance Program.  Vouchers could then be accessed remotely and mailed to individuals in need. A Quarterly Care Call Program to reach out to individuals who are known to be alone or homebound every 3 months also began as a result of the pandemic and helps to decrease social isolation and make sure people can access vouchers they need. 

In 2021, JUMP resumed Drop-In Center, in person services via Walk In Thursdays, 9-Noon to better support unhoused residents FLEX Assistance Program needs. And, in 2023 voucher assistance is available via online or in person every three months in the form of $35 vouchers for groceries, $50 for utility assistance, vouchers for laundry and vouchers for thrift stores; or in person Walk In Thursdays. 

Not available in 2023 is the Shell Gas Card voucher assistance. The choice was an informed JUMP policy decision due to the many day-to-day challenges of issuing the shell gas card.  Coupled with no longer distributing Shell gas cards online will create a more equitable, level playing field for all clients; especially the unhoused. At this time, all JUMP clients with Chittenden County transportation needs will be referred to Green Mountain Transit (GMT) buses. Available Chittenden County wide, GMT Fares are fare FREE on all GMT routes through June 30, 2023. For bus maps & info, go to CCTAride.org or call 802-864-2282.


Every Person: We respect the value and dignity of every human life, and work to make every interaction at JUMP one that is positive for all.


Interfaith: As an interfaith organization, we honor the faith journey of all JUMP clients, volunteers, and staff. We value diverse spiritual perspectives and work together to maintain a strong ministry.


Collaboration: JUMP collaborates with many denominations, congregations, and social service agencies to provide necessary financial and human resources.


Advocacy: We understand the importance of our services to each individual while recognizing that these services are not a solution to poverty in our community. Therefore, we tell JUMP's story in our congregations and in the wider community to encourage advocacy for systemic changes.