"Responding to the need that is out there"

Walk-in Thursdays 9-Noon. 

Plus, services available using FLEX online application, FLEX mail in application or 

call in application - 802 862-4501

FLEX Assistance Program


***Effective 2023, the Shell Gas Card is no longer available at JUMP. The choice was an informed JUMP policy decision due to the many day-to-day challenges of issuing the shell gas card.


At this time, all JUMP clients with Chittenden County transportation needs will be referred to Green Mountain Transit (GMT) buses. Available Chittenden County wide, all GMT buses are FREE on all GMT routes through June 30, 2023. For bus maps & info, go to RideGMT.com or call 802-864-2282.

JUMP NOW OPEN THURSDAY MORNINGS ONLY for In-person drop-in services. 

9am-Noon (or until first 12 served). Only one client at a time inside. 38 So. Winooski Avenue "Located in First Congregational Church".

MUST: have Valid ID & Facemask, maintain 6 feet and agree to provide contract tracing info

WALK IN THURSDAY in person pick up:  $35 Hannaford card, Greer's Laundry and $15 Possibility Shop

Note: limited vouchers available. Only the 3 listed vouchers are available. 


JUMP’s Flex Assistance Support (FAS) now offers $50 utility assistance as an option. Another safe and efficient means for eligible participants to pay utility bills, purchase groceries, transportation gas assistance, laundry, cleaning supplies, prescription co-pay and basic essential goods. Currently, JUMP is only able to help participants with proof of residency.


FAS delivers help by mail to the home of eligible participants in 4-5 days. Participants are eligible to apply every 3 months and must provide proof of residency.   NOTE: JUMP will not respond to request if served in last 3 months.

***Due to necessary program delivery adjustments now that JUMP is OPEN for in person services--some online approved FLEX voucher assistance requests will direct clients to WALK IN THURSDAYs, 9-Noon for in person pick up ONLY.

HOW TO APPLY for: $35 City Market, $35 Hannaford or $50 Utility Assistance. 

Also available: Laundry Voucher: Clothes Quarters Laundromat or Greer's Laundromat  and Thrift Store vouchers; Every Monday Thrift Shop and Possibility Shop.  


__ONLINE: complete & submit FLEX Application using Desktop, Laptop, I-Pad or Smartphone.


__MAIL IN: FLEX application. Download and return by mail: JUMP, PO 1657, Burl., VT 05402


__Call JUMP: complete FLEX application by phone: 862-4501. If unavailable, please leave your name, number and JUMP will get back to you ASAP!


Who qualifies “any of the below conditions”?

  • Meet Federal poverty income guidelines
  • Live in subsidized and/or section 8 housing
  • Recipient: 3 Squares, Reach Up or SSI/SSDI

If you live in Chittenden County and need help you may apply for assistance here.

You will need the following:

  • Must have valid VT State ID or 
  • Proof of residency; a copy of your most recent heating or electricity utility bill with your name indicating residency
  • If requesting utility assistance must submit bill with matching address
  • A valid reachable e-mail address


What FAS help is Available?

If you are determined eligible, you will receive one of the below which you will have selected on your submitted FAS Form by mail in 4-5 days:

  • Hannaford cards $35
  • City Market cards: $35
  • Utility Assistance: $50
And if needed: Thrift store vouchers and Laundry voucher


Click here to complete and submit: FLEX online application 

JUMP website FLEX link: www.jumpvt.org,  call: 802 862-4501  or  e-mail: Flex@jumpvt.org.