"Responding to the need that is out there"

JUMP is open for in person walk-in Thursdays, 9-Noon, any Thursday.  Must have a state photo ID and mask.  

ALSO, Services available using FLEX online application, FLEX mail in application or 

call in application - 802 862-4501

Thank You for a Successful JUMP Online Auction 2022

JUMP, the Joint Urban Ministry Project’s 2nd annual Online Auction Fundraising event surpasses $5,000 goal as the winning bids raised $6,491.


“We truly appreciate everyone who was involved.  A huge thank you to the sponsors, donors, promoters, bidders and pick-up/delivery team. The support of JUMP and the services it provides was widespread and invaluable,” Margaret Welsh, Coordinator of the “Show Love For JUMP” Online Auction, February 2nd thru 11th!


Wanda Hines, Director, "The funds will help provide our low-income and underserved neighbors voucher assistance for groceries, which includes food, personal care items, and cleaning supplies; utilities to help keep heat and power on and maintain credit ratings, and gas to find or get to work, childcare or essential appointments.”


JUMP would like to thank the many communities for stepping up in these uncertain times and who took part in our Online Auction. Your support will make a difference when it can be difficult for families to make ends meet.