"Responding to the need that is out there"

No walk-ins due to Covid-19. 

Services available using FLEX online application, FLEX mail in application or 

call in application - 802 862-4501

Board of Directors - 2022

Katharine Stockman                President; Charlotte Congregational Church

Ellen Sklar                               Vice President; Unaffiliated

Anne Tewksbury-Frye             Secretary; First Congregational Church, Burl.

Ron Pynn                                College Street Congregational Church

Barry Lemley                           Ascension Lutheran Church

Gayle Bryant                           First United Methodist Church Burl.

Nancy Wright                          Ascension Lutheran Church

Sherry Star                             Ohavi Zedek Synagogue

Joyce Curry                            St. Michael the Archangel     

Leigh Goodrich                       Faith United Methodist Church

Ted Kenney                            Williston Federated Church

Kathleen Browne                    First Baptist Church


2022 JUMP Committees

Board Development

Chair, Katharine Stockman

Ron Pynn

Wanda Hines, Managing Director



Chair, Woody Fulton

Ron Pynn

Chris Kapsalis

Wanda Hines, Managing Director



Chair: Open

Katharine Stockman

Margaret Welch

Lucy Samara

Karen Grant

Wanda Hines, Managing Director



Wanda Hines, Managing Director



Chair, Bronwyn Rider 

Valerie Visconti

Bill Eddy

Wanda Hines, Managing Director


Human Resources

Chair, Katharine Stockman

Ron Pynn

Frances Foster

Wanda Hines, Managing Director




JUMP Volunteers celebrating over 30 year of "Creating Caring Communities."