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Poverty Trail (***2022 Winter Appeal)

A Letter from The Director 

Dear Friends of JUMP and Community,


Let me tell you a story. Let me share and speak deep from within my heart. I’m often reminded of these lyrics…

“You can't always get what you want/ But if you try sometimes, you might find/ You get what you need.”

-- The Rolling Stones, 1969


If you are fortunate enough “you get what you need” seems like yesterday. At least it does to me, a former recipient of welfare, food stamps, section 8, Medicaid, farmers market coupons and Feeding Chittenden client “formerly named Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf”. And yet, from nearly 30 years ago, the discomfort, shame, anguish, and unpleasant character assumptions have never really left my mind.


And this is where the lives of so many low-income neighbors in Chittenden County are today. They struggle day in and day out to get what they need to feed their families, have transportation to get to work or medical appointments, and to keep the heat on, while remaining one paycheck away from being homeless.


Without question, this life is often not an easy road to travel. There is only the personal need to do more and be more with less, to maintain dignity and survive. There is a need to be present in the lives of loved ones all the while thinking if I can just continue doing more with less as community resources deplete.


Sadly, the unemployed, unhoused, victims of domestic abuse, the formerly incarcerated, those living paycheck to paycheck, those living with physical or mental disabilities, and those living in recovery or suffering with substance abuse, awake and pivot without question toward wanting better or being more. However, their only option at that moment is the need to start all over again to just survive another day.


Years ago, a Joint Urban Ministry Project (JUMP) client, an elderly man suffering with substance abuse shared that there is name for this ritual which at first, I did not understand as I was emotionally shaken. He went on to explain and I learned that he and many low-income residents refer to the daily ritual as going on the “tramp trail.”  A perilous journey of visiting local community resource locations not for a handout but simply a hand up, to lift them into the next day and the next day to gain access to essentials to survive.


Today, when I think back…I believe I was more personally alarmed as I slowly realized I too, was traveling the “tramp trail.”  Yes, I would exit my home without question trying to get a hand up to be able to do more with less, to be able to feed, clothe, keep warm, educate, and maintain dignity for my 2 adopted daughters, my son, and myself just to survive another day.


Thanks to reliable dependable front-line non-profits like JUMP and others I survived. And although mine was a lonely life journey, I would later learn something else…I was never alone.


Blessed as JUMP’s first full time Director since 2013, I will never forget realizing that trail does exist, or the over 2400 Vermont households JUMP will serve this year that are now not alone. The Joint Urban Ministry Project is asking you to journey the trail with us by donating TODAY and help JUMP do more with less, one family at a time.


With hope and gratitude,

Wanda Hines; Director, Joint Urban Ministry Project

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2022 annual Spring Campaign Comes Up Short

The Joint Urban Ministry Project, JUMP came up short in our 2022 annual Spring Campaign raising only $25,591.

Founded in 1988, JUMP relies on spring campaign donations to help provide annually over 2300 vulnerable low-income families with utility assistance, transportation gas assistance, food relief, cleaning supplies and personal care items, and thrift shops for clothing and essential household items.


With the last campaign gifts tallied throughout June, JUMP came up short $4,409 which ran April thru May. “Our biggest fundraiser of the year, we had hoped to raise $30,000.” Wanda Hines; Director.


Despite the shortage this year, Hines added “We are very appreciative of our incredibly generous donors and thankful for their received donations.  Your annual Spring Campaign support makes a big difference in keeping JUMP’s work in the community alive.”  


"2022 JUMP welcomes New Board President Katharine (Kathy) Stockman"

Katharine moved to Shelburne from Cambridge, Massachusetts 16 years ago and began volunteering throughout the greater Burlington community. She brings with her expertise as a business consultant, business owner, owner of a non-profit, teacher and artist.

Katharine worked for JUMP in an administrative and book keeping position for several years beginning in 2006. She has volunteered on the JUMP Fundraising Committee, has served as Vice President of the board and now is Board President.

Kathy is looking forward to working closely with the JUMP board and other volunteers, as well as staff.

After serving the JUMP board as president for 10 years, JUMP would like to thank exiting President Ron Pynn for his distinguished leadership and dedication. Ron will continue to serve on the board as vice president, providing insight and expertise.
2022 Grant Acknowledgements

JUMP, the Joint Urban Ministry Project recently received the following grants from Ben & Jerry's Foundation, Essex Town/Village of Essex Junction, Mascoma Bank, Burlington Mayor's Discretionary Fund, Antonio B and Rita M Pomerleau Foundation, SCHIP (Shelburne, Charlotte, Hinesburg Interfaith Project) and Shelburne Town - between March 1, 2022 – June 30, 2022.


Like many frontline service providers, JUMP has struggled with funding uncertainty and continual adjustments to ensure consistent delivery of services. Therefore, JUMP would like to acknowledge the grant funders who work tirelessly to make the world a better place for impoverished families and individuals in need. A tremendous impact, the awarded funds will help JUMP provide sustainable needed hybrid services; Walk in Thursdays 9-Noon and online Monday through Friday – effectively assisting thousands of our most vulnerable Vermont neighbors.


Wanda Hines, Director, “We are all humbled and grateful to be fortunate enough to be considered and awarded. Also, we are very appreciative of year-round support from 28 area faith communities, local agencies and businesses, individual donors as well as Board of Directors, Committee members, Volunteers and Staff for unwavering dedication to JUMP’s mission.  Together, your support allows JUMP to provide accessible voucher assistance to over 2400 families when it is needed most.  Thank you!”


Antonio B and Rita M Pomerleau Foundation - $5000

Ben & Jerry's Foundation - $1500

Burlington Mayor's Discretionary Fund - $1500

Mascoma Bank - $2200

SCHIP (Shelburne, Charlotte, Hinesburg, Interfaith Project) - $1500

Town of Essex / Village of Essex Junction - $3770

Town of Shelburne - $2000

2021 Grant and Event Sponsor Acknowledgements
Reflective of shared commonality and purpose, JUMP would like to acknowledge and thank the following diverse range of grantors and supporters over the last couple of years:
  • Ben & Jerry’s Foundation
  • City Market
  • Employees' Community Action Council (ECAC) of General Dynamics 
  • Hoehl Family
  • Northfield Savings Bank
  • Richard E. & Deborah L. Tarrant Foundation 
  • SCHIP Grant
  • Town of Essex/Human Services
  • Town of Shelburne Social Service Grant 
  • 100+ Women Who Care of Chittenden County (100WWC)

2021 Virtual RUN for JUMP/Walk made possible by
Sponsors, and contributors:  NBT Bank, Global Foundries, Obrien Brothers, Leonardo's Pizza, Automaster Motor Co., Inc., Opportunities Credit Union, Sweeney Design Build, LLC, J & M Groceries, Archies / The Scoop / Pizza 44, All Aspects Tile and Carpentry, Aubuchon Hardware Shelburne, Shelburne Pond Studios, Dee Physical Therapy plus our many contributors; August First, City Market, Exxon, Scoop Ice Cream/Archie’s Grill, Pizza 44, Leunig’s, Zero Gravity, The Mane House, McKenzie Country Classic, Snowflake Chocolates, Isham Family farm, Peg & Ters and VT Teddy Bear  
Like many nonprofits, the current crisis has forced JUMP to re-imagine how we operate, how we administer service, how we interact with staff, clients, board and committee members, volunteers, vendors as well community partners.  What has manifest, is an opportunity to reconfirm JUMP's purpose, to better focus on our mission, to better consolidate assistance, and to better diversify and stabilize  funding to better serve the working poor and economically disadvantaged people – to more effectively “Focus on the future”.  
  ---Wanda Hines; JUMP Director