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Flex Assistance Support 

"FLEX with JUMP"

Welcome to the Joint Urban Ministry Projects Flex Assistance Support (FAS) Online Application and the FLEX mail in application which you can download.


FAS delivers by mail aid to the home of eligible clients pending availability of resources and/or program space availability. FAS is designed to provide a safe and efficient means to purchase groceries or transportation gas assistance.


NOTE, JUMP is adapting its operations to remain open ONLY online to ensure service continuity, although limited.  So, please remember, we have limitations and can only do what we can within those limitations. Everyone is making adaptations, whether non-profits or the business world. As such, currently, JUMP is only able to help clients with proof of residency. 

Who qualifies “any of the below conditions”?

  • Meet Federal poverty income guidelines
  • Live in subsidized and/or section 8 housing
  • Recipient: 3 Squares, Reach Up or SSI/SSDI

If you live in Chittenden County and need help you may apply for assistance here.

You will need the following:

  • Must have valid VT State ID or 
  • Proof of residency; a copy of your most recent heating or electricity utility bill with your name indicating residency
  • In addition, if requesting Shell Gas Card; must provide proof of "valid car registration with matching address"
  • A valid reachable e-mail address


What FAS help is Available?

If you are determined eligible, you will receive one of the below which you will have selected on your submitted FAS Form by mail in 2-4 days:

  • Hannaford cards $30
  • City Market cards: $30
  • Shell Gas card: $25


How Can You Apply?

You can only apply by submitting online a completed FAS Intake Form by clicking here and follow directions: FAS Form 


You will be DENIED if:

  • The FAS Form is not complete
  • Proof of residency is not received
  • And if required proof of valid car registration with matching address is not received.  

Click here for a complete pdf: FAS Overview

Stay informed, sign up today for Flex Assistance Support news updates or changes: FLEX with JUMP