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Virtual Run for JUMP fundraiser falls short $2000

The “2022 Virtual Run (or Walk) for JUMP!” kick-off was at JUMP in downtown Burlington on Saturday September 24 and ran thru October 8.  Our goal was to collectively raise $15,000 during the “15 Days for JUMP.”  Sadden, this year’s Virtual Run for JUMP fell short by $2000.


Still, we feel blessed to be able to do the best that we can. And, like many non-profits, we are finding it’s not unusual that donors are not able to give at the usual rate.  We may have to cut back on what we can give out. But we will never turn anyone away coming to JUMP.


The money raised this year will provide direct service for Walk in Thursdays in person visits for primarily unhoused/homeless community members seeking food, laundry and thrift store voucher assistance. Moreso, this will help JUMP provide Emergency Sleeping Bag “Lightweight & Compact, repel rain, wind, and snow”; Socks “warm, clean & dry”, Foot Powder and Rain Ponchos to Unhoused/Homeless community members. In addition, JUMP is working on a new cross county tool to better support homeless community member ID needs to eliminate barriers and improve access to needed essential services. The FLEX Community ID Project will help 100-150 homeless community members with ID card needs.


Wanda Hines, Director, “JUMP remains a crucial part of our community, and current new programs are reflective of the JUMP’s ability to adapt to meet the needs of our changing communities…because of your support.”


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