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Coming soon, new cloud-based “Go with JUMP” application to help working families and low wage earners with transportation gas needs, bus passes and bike vouchers--if eligible


“Go with JUMP” is available to Chittenden County residents ages 18 and older who are receive JUMP assistance and are employed or meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines, sign up for JUMP and are employed.


Process: Scanned pdf documentation will be required when submitting cloud-based “Go with JUMP” applications for verification. Mandatory required documentation include:  Pay stub from last 30 days and valid ID with photo with matching address.

Benefits?  Working families and low wage earners are able to maintain jobs, shorter waiting period for assistance, higher household income, able to accomplish more daily, improve quality of life, less stress, economic independence, increase employment opportunities, able to engage and contribute to community.

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"help people get where they need to be"

WHY? Named the Gas Card Project, in May 2017, JUMP switched to providing Shell gas cards to increase transportation gas assistance to better support economically disadvantaged people transportation needs.  

WHY? Forty-five percent of all client’s request Gas Vouchers to help eliminate transportation barriers. Since, JUMP has switched to providing Shell Gas cards, we’ve effectively increase access to 17 gas locations for low income people throughout Chittenden County; as oppose to the only 3 participating gas locations; 2 in Burlington and 1 in Winooski. 


WHY? Uniquely addressed by JUMP, no other local or county front-line non-profit provide Gas Cards or Gas Vouchers to neighbors in need and if so seldom. Without the resources to purchase gas to get to employment and job interviews, a doctor’s appointment, school or the grocery store, life can be exceedingly challenging and manifest into multiple hardships.


WHY? Working poor families are much better off when they have access to reliable transportation assistance; able to maintain jobs, shorter waiting period for assistance, higher household income, able to accomplish more daily, improve quality of life, less stress, able engage, greater economic independence, able build a better life, increased employment opportunities, and contribute to community.  


THE BIG WHY?  In 2018, JUMP distributed over 5200 vouchers valued at nearly $100,000. The most requested voucher was for transportation gas assistance valued at $30,000 plus assistance for Bus Passes and Bikes. Combined JUMP spent over $35,000 for transportation assistance to help the working poor and neighbors impacted by poverty. WE NEED YOUR HELP!"


Gas Card Project Guidelines: The Shell Gas Card, a $25.00 value, is not to be used for purchasing alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets, food, beverages, novelty items, or personal items.  The main purpose for the Gas Card Project is to better coordinate, increase and improve transportation assistance and access for low income people and transportation disadvantaged people.

  • Primary use: the Shell Gas Card is to be used for employment, job interviews and job training.


JUMP is asking community businesses, partners and independent donors to please help sponsor and support the Gas Card Project and 'help people get to where they need to be."

GAS Card Gift Level:

  • $2500: (100 Gas Cards) equals one month of transportation assistance for working poor families/low income people
  • $1000: (40 Gas Cards) for working poor families/low income people
  • $500: (20 Gas Cards) for working poor families/low income people


Your business will receive:

  • a 12-month logo placement and support acknowledgement on our JUMP website and printed material
  • For your office wall: Certificate of Appreciation in appreciation of your generous contribution to the Gas Card Project to “help people get where they need to be”


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