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In 2020, JUMP will continue to explore community initiative’s which support shared effort and resources to reach out and meet families where they are at.

If you'd like to support the important work that JUMP does for approximately 2200 householdss a year, please consider making a one time or reoccurring tax-deductible donation.

JUMP Reaches $30,000 Spring Campaign Goal!

The Joint Urban Ministry Project, JUMP has reached, and exceeded the 2021 Spring Campaign Goal. Campaign funds will be used to help economically disadvantaged people in search of essential basic needs and assistance to gain independence to help themselves.

People in the greater Burlington community continue to be affected by COVID-19, with lost or diminished wages. Economic recovery appears unpredictable at this point. We anticipate increased needs for food, utilities and transportation. Spring Campaign funds will help us fill the gap created by COVID.

Ron Pynn, Board of Directors President, “I am so heartened by the generous commitment shown by JUMP's loyal, dedicated supporters in helping JUMP reach its goal of $30,000 for the Spring Campaign. The past year has been a difficult, trying time dealing with the COVID pandemic, all the more so for JUMP's clients. Your generosity is greatly appreciated, and much needed. So on behalf of the more than 2000 JUMP families I offer a sincere thank you!”

Lastly, Wanda Hines, Director, “JUMP is most grateful to the many individual donors who funded our campaign. Your support will mean we can provide grocery vouchers, utility assistance, gasoline for transportation, laundry voucher as well as cleaning supplies and personal care items. Especially now when food vouchers and stabilizing living situations through utility assistance are the two greatest needs sought by low income and homeless households reaching out to JUMP.”

To learn more about JUMP's response to need, click here: 2021 Update Report and shared heartfelt Client Stories.