"Creating Caring Communities"

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In 2017, JUMP will continue to explore community initiative’s which support shared effort and resources to reach out and meet families where they are at.

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Thank you Charlotte 

Congregational Church 

We live in such a wonderful caring community as recently demonstrated by the Charlotte Congregational Church mission committee. They never stop thinking about neighbors in need.  In this case, helping neighbors confronted with transportation barriers which can hinder access to economic independence, employment and improved quality of life.

42% of all clients request transportation gas assistance which JUMP budgeted $24,000. Unfortunately, this year with such high request from low income families JUMP overspent by $3,000. This resulted in JUMP not being able to provide transportation gas assistance over the last two weeks. 

Well thanks to Charlotte Congregational Church mission committee we now have Shell Gas cards. They decided to make a one-time donation to JUMP of $1000 specifically to pay for gas cards to help low income families with transportation assistance during the Holiday Season.

Excited and reacting quickly, JUMP reached out early this morning to the Riverside Beverage Shell management Dan Chevalier and staff Erica Devoid who were able to provide JUMP access to the needed Shell Gas Cards immediately. 

For a second time, YES, YES, YES we live in such a wonderful caring community where “together we can make a difference”.  Thank you Charlotte Congregational Church mission committee for helping low income families with transportation assistance this Holiday Season and thank you Riverside Beverage Shell for being accessible and helping neighbors with transportation gas assistance.

With gratitude and Holiday Happiness!

...Wanda Hines; Director