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In 2015, JUMP will continue to explore community initiative’s which support shared effort and resources to reach out and meet families where they are at.

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“Making One Necessary Moment at a Time...”

Last year, the Joint Urban Ministry Project (JUMP) experienced a year of funding uncertainty. In order to stay within the operating budget,  the JUMP Board found it necessary to make adjustments to ensure  sustainable cash flow. These decisions ultimately had the effect  of decreasing workforce hours and resulted in JUMP serving 644   fewer families in need of voucher assistance. This represented a 22%  decrease in the number of households served.  An additional 1,383 individuals/families were turned away due to limited resources; JUMP was only able to serve 11 eligible households per day.

Worthy of attention, hundreds of the most vulnerable in our community continue to visit JUMP for voucher assistance.  We always ask “What assistance is most important to you today: transportation, household goods, food, utilities, laundry, finance or healthcare?”  Yet, it is  the closely listening ear that often provide clients a better sense of choices and what matters most  “making one necessary moment at a time”.    


Likewise, “making one necessary moment at a time” is the real endgame behind JUMP’s Partner Request Initiative (PRI), a new  resource for community partners to advocate for JUMP voucher assistance to help shared clients. Working together, community partners request voucher assistance and provide personal eligibility assurance to promote client voices and ensure need is met by designated JUMP assistance. Aligned with JUMP’s core value collaboration, PRI is a networking tool which enhances JUMP’s capacity to provide necessary financial and human resources.


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JUMP SPRING CAMPAIGN falls short of goal by $7000

The Joint Urban Ministry Project’s (JUMP) largest annual fundraising event, the Spring Campaign, fell short by $7000 to meet $30,000 goal.


A highly sought after community resource, JUMP distributed 5690 vouchers valued at $98,062 from nearly 30 local vendors to help families in need in last year.


Wanda Hines, Director of JUMP announced, “At this time, our primary goal will be to raise awareness while increasing efforts and partnerships to meet JUMP’s remaining 2015 funding. We want to return to serving the needs of the same number of clients that we served two years ago in 2013. She added, “The needs remain unrelenting and this year JUMP does not want to turn away another 2027 individuals and/or families who are homeless or nearly homeless, living with physical and/or mental disability, unemployed or underemployed, formerly incarcerated, in recovery from substance abuse or simply one pay check away from poverty.”


JUMP’s Board President, Beth Dreibelbis, concurred, “Our challenge is to grow as quickly as the needs grow, right now we can’t do this important work alone. We need to raise awareness about the need in our area. Your support is needed and appreciated. “