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In 2019, JUMP will continue to explore community initiative’s which support shared effort and resources to reach out and meet families where they are at.

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First Unitarian Universalist Society 

"Transportation Angel”

January & February

Last year, with the elimination of Food Bag collections, in November Wanda Hines, Joint Urban Ministry Project (JUMP) Director visited the First Unitarian Universalist Society. Members traditionally, have spent an average $26.00 for Food Bags, previous overall value $2,562.


The Director personally invited members to get involved by asking, instead by organizing a personal hygiene and cleaning supply drive – to organize a Transportation Assistance Collection drive which in return they are named “Transportation Angels” for the month. A successful, $2500 Transportation Assistance Collection drive will sponsor all client transportation needs for the entire month.


Enormously successful, the First Unitarian Universalist Societys Transportation Assistance Collection raised over $5000 enough to sponsor all JUMP client transportation needs for not only one, but TWO entire months; whether transportation gas assistance, bus pass assistance or bike assistance.   “Congratulations!”


Take note of, while the traditional identified “basic needs” are food, shelter and clothing; in reality the minimum prioritized level of “basic needs” have moved to include transportation assistance, healthcare, education, sanitation, and internet. At JUMP the most prioritized level is transportation assistance.


Overall, in 2019 Transportation Angel Sponsorships raised: $12,224

January -- Charlotte Congregational Church sponsored 50% of client transportation assistance

August -- Rick Robinson; Independent donor sponsored all client transportation assistance

October -- Cathedral Church of St. Paul sponsored all client transportation assistance

November -- Ascension Lutheran Church sponsored 50% of client transportation assistance

December – First Unitarian Universalist Society to start the new decade will be sponsoring all client transportation assistance for the entire months of January & February 2020 


Client data has established what clients really need most. Last year, 45% of client households requested Transportation Assistance Support (TAS). JUMP spent $24,725 for Gas, $6,422 for Bus Passes and Bikes $455 for Bikes. Combined JUMP spent a needed $30, 452 for TAS; equaling 30% of all vouchers requested.


Further date revealed, the top purpose for transportation usage; appointments, work/job interview and medical. Creating sustainable transportation access help reduce transit costs allowing clients to spend money on other essentials.


First Unitarian Universalist Society’s success and fellow 2019 Transportation Angel Sponsors will be used as best practice models to help encourage other faith communities, rotaries, businesses and organizations to get involved.


If you’d like to learn more or get involved, please contact Wanda Hines; Director.

Email: director@jumpvt.org