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In 2020, JUMP will continue to explore community initiative’s which support shared effort and resources to reach out and meet families where they are at.

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"Moving Beyond Uncertainty"

JUMP operates a Drop-In Center in downtown Burlington, helping on a first come, first served basis to all vulnerable clients.  In 2019, JUMP provided 5846 vouchers to 5,043 individuals valued at $102,735. Voucher amounts varied, depending upon the number of people in the household. Food assistance was the number one request with $31,623 distributed in food vouchers, followed by requests for transportation assistance to get to interviews or work, help getting Identification, personal care items, laundry and assistance with utilities.

Based on the current coronavirus pandemic restrictions, clients are unable to attend the Drop-In Center.  Within a week, JUMP had changed how services were provided, to be able to continue to meet low income clients’ needs by providing online services with mailed vouchers through the new FLEX Assistance Program.  When the pandemic restrictions end, we would like to be able to continue the FLEX Assistance Program in addition to the Drop-In Center, as it will reach homebound clients as well as clients who are unable to get to the Drop-In Center.  

We anticipate a significant increase in needs, especially for food, and we would respectfully request funds to directly be used for food vouchers, cleaning supplies and other essential items for health and well-being.  While the needs will increase, our income demonstrates a significant short fall related to the pandemic.

Currently, JUMP’s FLEX Assistance Support program continues to provide much needed assistance to our neighbors in need throughout the pandemic. Working together works as expanded community partnerships have been formed to ensure that all in need can access online services through JUMP.


As a result of the pandemic, JUMP has activated a new Quarterly Care Call (QCC) Program. JUMP staff and soon volunteers can reach out by phone, offering a compassionate point of contact to support the wellbeing of each client. The Quarterly Care Program will help us grow JUMP to a new level where we can not only provide a human connection periodically to people who are alone and homebound, but to also proactively identify where food or other needs may exist.   

The new FLEX Assistance Program has proven valuable as clients served are still in line with what we saw before Covid shelter in place.  Effective, JUMP has created multiple lanes for clients to access services:

  • FLEX Online application---eligible clients will receive by mail in 2-4 days
  • FLEX Mail In app which you can download, complete, mail in and will receive assistance by mail in 3-5 days
  • Quarterly Care Call (QCC) – to date we have spoken with, actively listened and signed up 160 clients; our goal will result in over 50 clients every 3 months no longer feeling isolated or alone with the new QCC compassionate point of contact measures.
  • FLEX Call-in application – Staff help clients over the phone complete their FLEX assistance support application. This resulted from challenge which impacted JUMP’s ability, the phone system. That is until recently, JUMP was able to change over to a Voice over internet protocol (VoiP) system, allowing for "JUMP" to show in the caller ID even when calls made from other remote locations. This created a workable fourth lane to help clients access needed food, cleaning supplies and/or basic essential needs.


Lastly, over 24% of families served during this time of uncertainty have been, reconfirming the need for assistance in our community is high. As such JUMP will continue reaching out to our most vulnerable population of families and individuals in need--old and new.  

--- Wanda Hines; Director

Moving Beyond Uncertainty -- "COVID-19 UPDATES and ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS" - Summer 2020
Focus -- Covid-19 Impact 
Like many nonprofits, the current crisis has forced JUMP to re-imagine how we operate, how we administer service, how we interact with staff, clients, board and committee members, volunteers, vendors as well community partners.  What has manifest, is an opportunity to reconfirm JUMP's purpose, to better focus on our mission, to better consolidate assistance, and to better diversify and stabilize  funding to better serve the working poor and economically disadvantaged people – to more effectively “Focus on the future”.  
  ---Wanda Hines; JUMP Director