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In 2020, JUMP will continue to explore community initiative’s which support shared effort and resources to reach out and meet families where they are at.

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ANNUAL REPORT Message from--

Ronald Pynn; President Board of Directors                     

2020 was a year like no other at JUMP, and for all the nation as well!  The year’s story was the impact of COVID-19 on our community and on JUMP.  As a result of the pandemic JUMP closed its drop-in center in mid March and then quickly moved to an on line application and mail distribution system for serving JUMP clients.


It was because of the quick and creative response of JUMP staff that JUMP was able to move rapidly and effectively to continue to meet client needs.  The on line process, known as FLEX, allowed clients to make requests via phone or internet and then receive through the mail gift cards for food, gasoline, cleaning supplies, and other needed necessities.  As the pandemic wore on through the year, it became evident that utility assistance was becoming an urgent need.  JUMP then moved to increase assistance to aid clients with their utility bills, shifting budget funds in order to meet the need.


Because of the COVID virus JUMP focused on transitioning to the on line system of aiding clients and not undertaking many new initiatives.  However, JUMP did create one new, significant initiative.


With families and individuals isolating to avoid contacting the virus, and with the drop-in center shuttered, JUMP needed to find a way to keep in contact with clients.  JUMP established a Quarterly Care Call program wherein every quarter JUMP would contact clients by phone.  The goal was to telephone clients to ascertain their well being as well as determine their material needs.  JUMP volunteers were recruited to make these calls, thereby keeping volunteers involved with clients.  As a result of quarterly calls JUMP was able to remain focused on clients in order to maintain a compassionate, caring connection with clients.


In spite of all the difficulties created by the pandemic, JUMP had a very successful year-in making its budget and, more importantly, continuing to meet the needs of clients.  With only an initial drop off after closing the drop-in center, the number of clients served returned to previous year levels.  Fundraising and grants were more successful than ever.  The successes could not have been achieved without the dedicated, loving commitment of JUMP’s two staff members-Wanda Hines and Mary Stannard Carter, the active involvement of the JUMP Board and its committees, the JUMP volunteers, and all of JUMP’s faithful supporters.  Kudos to all!!



"Showing Love For JUMP"
Online Action a Success!

Thank you to the promoters, the recruiters, the donors, the sponsors, the bidders and the delivery team for "Showing Your Love for JUMP". The auction was a great success because of everything you did for JUMP…raising over $4000 to respond to the need that is out there!

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