"Focused on the Future"

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In 2019, JUMP will continue to explore community initiative’s which support shared effort and resources to reach out and meet families where they are at.

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30th Anniversary Dinner 
honors the 
Joint Urban Ministry Projects remarkable Work!


  • The Right Reverend Thomas Ely, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont" received the first Joint Urban Ministry Project Social Justice Award 
  • The Honorable Miro Weinberger, Mayor of Burlington presented JUMP a City Proclamation
  • Ron Pynn, President Board of Directors statement: Care and compassion abounded Friday evening at JUMP's 30th anniversary celebration dinner. JUMP volunteers, donors, and supporters gathered to honor the caring community that JUMP has become over its 30 years. A remarkable success story of caring for our neighbors in need.
  • Click here for complete 30th Celebration photo album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Z2eocwtdDXSeYf149

On December 1st, the Joint Urban Ministry Project (JUMP) gathered for their 30th Anniversary Celebration Dinner “Focused the Future” at Burlington Elks Lodge.

JUMP, founded in 1988 by five downtown Burlington faith communities, ensures that all economically disadvantaged neighbors have improved access to meet their basic needs and transportation gas assistance to get where they need to be throughout Chittenden County and Vermont. Currently supported by 28 area faith communities, local agencies and businesses, vital sponsorships, vendor partners, individual donors, foundations, committed leadership, and volunteers, the event was an opportunity to say thank you to the so many people who attended.

Much anticipated, the landmark event was a success as members from supporting faith communities, community partners and local businesses reunited with old acquaintances, making new friends and sparking new relationships bound by unconditional unified need—POVERTY.

Special invited guests included: “The Right Reverend Thomas Ely, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont" and wife Ann Ely; the Honorable Miro Weinberger, Mayor of Burlington, serving his 3rd term, and wife Stacy; Patrick Brown, Executive Director, Greater Burlington Multicultural Resource Center (GBMRC) and sponsor; and Jane Knodell, Burl. Central District Councilor and Sponsor with husband Ted.

With grace, Reverend Nancy Wright from Ascension Lutheran Church led the landmark event in prayer before further celebrating.

A much-deserved celebratory program event, the Honorable Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger presented JUMP a City of Burlington Proclamation received by Ron Pynn, President, Board of Directors. Proclamation excerpt: WHEREAS, JUMP will be celebrating a milestone 30-year anniversary in December 2018; NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved that I, Miro Weinberger, Mayor of the City of Burlington, do hereby proclaim that Saturday, December 1, 2018 be declared JOINT URBAN MINISTRY PROJECT 30th ANNIVERSARY DAY in Burlington, and that I do hereby urge all individuals, organizations, and businesses to support JUMP’s “Focus on the Future,” as it works to ensure the well-being and dignity of our most vulnerable neighbors.

Wanda Hines, JUMP Director, “Mayor Weinberger and his administration have enhanced economic growth, delivered a vision with united engagement and purpose ensuring no one is left behind; especially the economically disenfranchised, neighbors in need --- as such I am proud to call him my Mayor. More so, we are grateful and honored that he and wife Stacey joined us to celebrate our milestone.”

Another, celebratory highpoint, the Right Reverend Thomas Ely, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont" received the first Joint Urban Ministry Project Social Justice Award given by Lucy Samara; who was honored to present. Bishop Ely has been the face of the Episcopal Church in Vermont that has been a pillar of support for JUMP.

Lucy Samara shared, “For all you have done with your life’s work to promote human dignity and human rights, peace and reconciliation, and economic justice for all – we are grateful for your service and want to honor you with this award. Bishop Ely you have responded with a faithful, loving life of action for social justice for all – and at JUMP – we want to say thank you and well done!”

Ron Pynn, President, Board of Directors, “Bishop Thomas Ely received a much-earned Social Justice Award from JUMP at its 30th Anniversary celebration. His lifelong commitment to furthering social justice in Vermont and the wider world has earned him the respect and admiration of all who know and love him for his work on behalf of disadvantaged people. JUMP is proud to provide its inaugural award to such a deserving recipient.”

Unable to attend, due to scheduling, Congressman Peter Welch and Senator 

Sanders both sent congratulatory letters. Patrick Brown; Exe. Dir. GBMRC, helped keep with the shared social justice theme and read Congressman Peter Welch’s Congratulatory Letter. And, Woody Fulton; member of the First Unitarian Universalist Society Church and JUMP Board of Directors read Senator Bernie Sanders’ Congratulatory Letter. Together, they acknowledged JUMP as a shining example to others throughout the state and reaching the important milestone with best wishes for many years to come.

Wanda Hines; Director, closing remarks reminded everyone, “JUMP’s purpose -- was to increase effectiveness of each faith communities’ outreach ministries by consolidating assistance to needy people in the community”. “Even then, the many talents and partners were drawn together by unconditional unified need and purpose – POVERTY.” Fitting and with caring heart, she cited Archbishop Desmond Tutu: “We are born for goodness, to love – free of prejudice. All of us, without exception.” Then asked everyone, “Please remember as you exit, we are no longer strangers. Instead, we are “Of one heart and soul” bound by a common purpose to LOVE one another…focused on the future. Thank you!”


Ad-Hoc Celebration Planning Committee: Anne Tewksbury-Frye, First Congregation Church of Burl.; Beth Dreibelbis, Ascension Lutheran Church; Lucy Samara, First Congregation Church of Burl.; Margaret Welch, First United Methodist Church of Burl.; Paige Corologos, Trinity Episcopal Church; Ron Pynn, College Street Congregational Church and Wanda Hines, Director

Our Sponsors: Big Heavy World, Blodgett, Watts & Volk, P.C., Dell’Amore, Greater Burl. Multicultural Resource Center, Jane Knodell; Burl. Central District Councilor, The Law Office of Sandra C. Bevans

Music: Tom Jazzou Jones; Pianist
Very Special thank you: JUMP 28 supporting Faith Communities, Volunteers, Board, Committees, Co-worker Mary Stannard Carter, donors, foundation and community partners.

The Gift of Space & Funds: First Congregational Church UCC of Burlington provides foundational support for JUMP. Since 1990, the church has donated the space for our JUMP Drop-In Center, Offices and parking for volunteers, staff and JUMP clients. We are grateful for the tremendous support we receive.

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CELEBRATING Our 30th Year...Because of you!”
Because of you, what was started in 1988 by 5 downtown Burlington faith communities has grown to include support from 28 Vermont faith communities, key funding from hundreds of people like you, and vital sponsorship and dollars from businesses and foundations.

Because of you, JUMP continues to be a dependable reliable resource for neighbors in search of essential basic needs ranging from transportation, food/groceries, clothing, utilities, laundry, ID’s, prescription co-pay, personal hygiene, and cleaning items.

Please, join JUMP in 2018 as we CELEBRATE our 30th anniversary and prepare for another 30 years of creating caring communities.

More importantly, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and please help spread the word about our yearlong celebration made possible all because of you.

Yours In Community,
Wanda Hines; Director